Welcome to my life!

Welcome to my life? Yeah, I once thought about being a blogger and talking my day to day life online and then decided that my life was too boring for that. I then decided I would become a YouTube vlogger and talk about my boring life that way, I also decided that my life was just not that important enough to go that far. My life isn’t beautiful enough to instagram it every day, and Twitter? Well, Twitter doesn’t really let you talk about  your life in detail, so no to it.

And that, well, that lead me back here again. I’ve decided to blog about my life, whenever I can, and of course talk about other happenings in the world today. Please forgive me if my grammar and spelling are not perfect on this blog, I’m mostly typing as the words come out of my brain, which doesn’t always think in proper grammar.

So, how am I going to blog about my life? I’m going to have five categories I will talk about. Most of those will be self explanatory, thoughts will of course by my personal thoughts and my main day to day blogging category. American Issues and World Issues will cover the bigger news stories that I want to comment on, I may even post a random YouTube video or two in that’s posts. Finance will be about money, earning it, saving it, spending it, investing it, All of which I am not very good at but we’ll learn and grow together on that. And of course, YouTube videos will be where I post videos from my YouTube channel.

I know, it’s all pretty simple and straight forward, I hope you all enjoy and come back often. So please, feel free to bookmark my site and spread the word. You can also visit my FaceBook Page, TwitterInstagram and as always if you want to email me you can do that on the Contact Me page.