So, Kathy Griffin! Let’s take a minute and talk about her.

Okay, so everyone in the Twitter world, Media World, and basically, the world decided to start June off by making a washed up comedian a celebrity for a week recently because of a less than clever, and certainly not funny attempt at a political statement? Or was it supposed to be political humor? So, How bad was the image? Here’s a quick glance…

Now that I think about it, I cannot truly recall being a fan of hers, which I know makes me look like I’m simply saying this because of her blatant, and sad attack on a sitting President,. I’m not.

I am going to state this here, and if you follow me on Twitter, which you should, you would know I am NOT a Donald Trump supporter, nor a fan of him personally. I do support some of his ideas, and plans for the country but I am NOT a Republican, and I will not support a President who wants to damage my country in any way. I will however, come to the aide and defend ANYONE against blatantly false accusations and statements. And just a FYI, I’m not a Democrat either.

Kathy Griffin, and her attorney, have stated that she feels ‘personally’ attacked by Donald Trump, his adult children, and his wife as well. That this backlash she is receiving from this horribly misguided, and sad attempt is an attack on her first amendment rights, and they will fight the POTUS, and anyone who attacks her fully.

To this all I can say is, Oh boy! If the world thought liberals were crazy and out of touch with reality, this just puts a cherry on top of the pie. Let me say this to you directly Kathy Griffin, even though you’ll never read this,

Your first amendment rights only protect you from the government itself, and does not protect you from receiving hatred, or disdain from anyone else. It does not protect you from losing your job at CNN, which I thought was hilarious that the Clinton News Network fired someone who attacked Donald Trump, but maybe they are turning a new leaf? It also does NOT protect you from anyone not offering you a job because of this.

Your first amendment rights do not, ever, trump others first amendment rights. Just as Kathy Griffin has the right, and I fully support this right, to take this picture and show it to the world in any way she sees fit.  The world also has the right to look at her, and call her out for being an idiot for it. We have the right to dislike you, to have disdain for you, to protest for your termination at ANY job you have, and to NOT think you’re funny.

Again, Kathy, understand this; In this situation, YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM.  Now I know, many people are saying that nobody was upset when people did this with Obama, or Hillary. Nice way for liberals to group everyone together to  make all conservatives into bad, hateful, racist pieces of shit. Guess what, I’m not a conservative. Did I find the Obama/Hillary lynching images upsetting? Not anymore so than I do what Kathy Griffin did. Do I support their right to do that? Always. I also support people’s rights to protest, and demand their jobs as well.

Some people have brought up the point that this is close to making a threat on the president’s life, which I disagree with. I think it is close to saying, “I wish he was dead”, I don’t think it’s saying, “I’m going to kill him.” I don’t think Kathy Griffin is as stupid as Madonna is. I have been wrong in the past, however.

I don’t think that this is going to go away quickly, It’s a new month and this story will probably go on throughout June, until the next mass media outrage over something else. Let me know if you’d like to hear more about this as it develops, my opinion is always in need of an ear. Leave you thoughts in the comments section below, and as always, follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest in the life of the Angry Turtle.