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A Declaration of Self

What exactly is a declaration of self? Well, It’s really more of a declaration of what makes up your personality, your life, your choices, your opinions, your everything. Basically, what makes you, you.

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Interesting revelations about my life.

Well, June is almost over and it has been a wonderfully interesting  month full of new happenings, old happenings, new feelings forming, and old feelings fading. I’m probably going to ramble on in this, so I apologize and if you don’t read it all, that is okay. All I ask of you that do not read it, is like and share my Facebook page, or follow my Twitter, so more people can come find my content.

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Welcome to my life!

Welcome to my life? Yeah, I once thought about being a blogger and talking my day to day life online and then decided that my life was too boring for that. I then decided I would become a YouTube vlogger and talk about my boring life that way, I also decided that my life was just not that important enough to go that far. My life isn’t beautiful enough to instagram it every day, and Twitter? Well, Twitter doesn’t really let you talk about  your life in detail, so no to it.

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