A Declaration of Self

What exactly is a declaration of self? Well, It’s really more of a declaration of what makes up your personality, your life, your choices, your opinions, your everything. Basically, what makes you, you.

After a recent event I experienced with my now ex girlfriend, I realized a lot about myself. I think it was four or five years ago, I went through a big change in my life, I moved and was on my own for the first time in my life and it gave me time to think about a lot. I had just recently just got out of a six or seven year relationship, a time in my life that caused a lot of anger, hatred, sadness, and distrust in myself and people.

After a bit of time, I thought I had addressed this, I wasn’t angry anymore, I didn’t hate anymore, the sadness had left me and the only person I trusted was me. I trusted myself, and that is all I needed.

Just recently I understood that the anger I thought I had dealt with, the fact I that I wasn’t angry anymore wasn’t because it’s gone, but because I had pushed it so far back in myself that I didn’t feel it. Doing that simple thing, made things better for a short time but there were outbursts of anger from time to time in the form of uncaring rage.

I’ve decided that I’m going to fix that. I’m not going to hide my anger anymore, I’m not going to repress any feelings anymore. I recently read an interesting article titled, How to Transform Anger Into Will Power. I highly recommend it if you ever have problems with anger, or rage.. it taught me a lot about dealing with all emotions.

I’m going to post updates on this as I go forward in my journey towards being a better person. I don’t think people should go through any struggle by themselves, I don’t care if I have just one follower here, or a thousand, You will be here with me throughout my journey.

A declaration of self? My current self is an angry, hateful, selfish, rage filled human. A declaration of what I want my self to be? I want to be someone who can look in a mirror and be happy with the person I see, I want to be right with that person, I want to look at myself and not care what every one else thinks or says.

Driven! I will be driven to be a better person than I was the day before.  August 25, 2017… The day I begin my journey, the day I start my journey to prove to this world and myself, I am worthy, the day I find my reason for being here on this planet.

Thank you for reading my rambling, and I looked forward to this journey with you.